The Answer is “Google” – now what was the question?

by Mike Berry

Ancient Athenian Philosopher Plato described the human condition: “Man is a being in search of meaning.”

But where can we find it?

We humans are a curious species – I don’t mean weird, I mean nosy. We want to know stuff.

As parents we patiently answer our children’s questions with joy in our hearts. We encourage them to challenge and to think for themselves – to seek answers and meaning. To learn and so make their way in the world.

Educators encourage curiosity in students – every Lecturer/Professor I know welcomes dialogue in class – ‘chalk and talk’ can be as boring […]

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How can CMOs earn their place in the C-Suite?

The 4Ps… Most marketers have heard of them at some time. It’s almost a cliché – like SWOT and PESTEL, we all know them and some of us teach/train them…
Many students (and even lecturers/trainers) attribute the 4Ps to Philip Kotler or some other modern-day Guru of marketing, but in fact the credit goes to E. Jerome McCarthy; in 1960 he coined the term The Marketing Mix comprising: Product, Price, Place and Promotion
Professor Kotler has been a champion of the 4Ps in his numerous influential marketing books. In 1981, Booms and Bitner proposed a model of 7 Ps, adding Process, People […]

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A Global Digital Powerhouse

The recent Mary Meeker (KPCB) report began, surprisingly for many, with the news that overall internet growth in 2015 was flat. And that global smartphone unit shipments were slowing dramatically. Growth is, of course, still growth but, after years of astronomical percentage increases, ‘The Queen of the Internet’ at last reported that things are plateauing. With one very important exception: India.

India will have more than 500 million web users by 2017: Google

According to a Google report (February 2016), India will have over 500 million web users by 2017 of which 80% will be via mobile devices. India has […]

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Digital Thailand

Digital Marketing in Thailand

Thailand is a dynamic, creative, entrepreneurial emerging economy which is currently embracing technological innovation. I’m delighted that I’m due to be visiting Thailand to deliver a Masterclass in Digital Marketing for One Roof/ TDMA.

There are 23.9 million Internet users in Thailand which represents 37% of the population. The world average is currently 39%.

Like other countries in Southeast Asia, Thailand is growing year-on-year. With a population of 67 million and an average age of just 32, Thailand is a major world country and it’s natural that a large part of the population is spending increasing amounts […]

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Stop Press! World Digital First

An extraordinary story caught my eye recently; there is one country which this year is forecast to see a higher spend on digital marketing than on all forms of offline marketing combined. This has never happened anywhere in the world before and although digital is growing everywhere, we are still some distance away from the global figures showing the same pattern.

That country is a land of polite, uptight people standing patiently in queues; cool, damp and very changeable weather; Sherlock Holmes, William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, The BBC, Big Ben, red buses, black cabs, James Bond, David Beckham, The Beatles and […]

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Happy New Digital Year

Hope you’re feeling back into things by now? One sign of a good break is the difficulty of getting back up to speed. So what might we have a look forward to in digital marketing in 2015?

***This post by Mike Berry first appeared on Dr. Dave Chaffey’s site Smart Insights ***

1.Mobile (still)

“It’s all going mobile”.

Yes, we’ve been saying this for some time now. And every year it gets more true. The technology gets better (both hardware and networks). Things just work better. It’s faster. And easier. So consumers are more inclined to do things on mobile devices. As users, […]

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New book out now: The Best Of Global Digital Marketing Storybook

The concept of “The Best Of Global Digital Marketing” (BOGDM) Show began to take shape in the Spring of 2010. I was sitting in a noisy cafe in Central London, chatting with Hando Sinisalu. We had already worked together on a couple of digital marketing workshops in Croatia and the Baltic countries which had gone pretty well and now we were looking for a new challenge. We were kicking around some ideas for events which might enable us to travel, to see some cool places, meet interesting digital marketing people and ideally get paid. The idea of combining all of […]

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Building Successful Brands in the (post-) Digital Age

Depending on which version of events you believe, (and which definitions you favour) Sir Tim Berners-Lee, working at CERN in Switzerland, effectively invented the World Wide Web (www) sometime in 1990-91. In the intervening 22+ years, as we all know, it’s had a massive impact on people’s lives: how we connect and share, how we work, how we get entertainment and how we buy things.

Marketers have been required to get involved; not least because their target audience is spending increasing amounts of time in digital spaces and often actually making purchases there; naturally the advertising needs to follow the eyeballs. […]

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Digital Marketing in Africa: an exclusive interview with Mike Berry

Mike Berry gave this interview ahead of his visit to Lagos, Nigeria to speak at the Conference:

“Digital Marketing Conference 2.0; Deploying Digital Marketing for Competitive Advantage”

Q. So what is Digital Marketing and why now?

Digital Marketing is now really taking off in Africa and, more than ever before, it presents a transformational opportunity which businesses in Africa should meet head-on.

Businesses in Africa and those intending to penetrate the African market must now focus on integrating Digital Marketing into their overall marketing strategy. That is the opportunity and those who seize it will reap handsome rewards.

Digital Marketing is still […]

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The Death Of Print: rumours much exaggerated?

“May you live in interesting times” is something of a cliché, often referred to as ‘The Chinese Curse’ and generally agreed to be apocryphal (whatever that means).

Whoever first said it, it would certainly appear to be true if you’re involved in print publishing right now.

Earlier this year Encyclopaedia Britannica ceased publication of its print edition which was first published in Edinburgh in 1768. Last month Bertelsmann and Pearson announced the merger of their respective subsidiaries, Random House and Penguin. Around the same time, Newsweek announced that it is to stop publishing its print edition at the […]

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