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indians on smartphones

A Global Digital Powerhouse

The recent Mary Meeker (KPCB) report began, surprisingly for many, with the news that overall internet growth in 2015 was flat. And that global smartphone unit shipments were slowing dramatically. Growth is, of course, still growth but, after years of more »

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Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn), Bangkok, Thailand

Digital Thailand

Digital Marketing in Thailand Thailand is a dynamic, creative, entrepreneurial emerging economy which is currently embracing technological innovation. I’m delighted that I’m due to be visiting Thailand


Stop Press! World Digital First

An extraordinary story caught my eye recently; there is one country which this year is forecast to see a higher spend on digital marketing than on all forms


Happy New Digital Year

Hope you're feeling back into things by now? One sign of a good break is the difficulty of getting back up to speed. So what might we have

The Best Of Global Digital Marketing Storybook

New book out now: The Best Of Global Digital Marketing Storybook

The concept of “The Best Of Global Digital Marketing” (BOGDM) Show began to take shape in the Spring of 2010. I was sitting in a noisy cafe in

Sir Tim Berners-Lee

Building Successful Brands in the (post-) Digital Age

Depending on which version of events you believe, (and which definitions you favour) Sir Tim Berners-Lee, working at CERN in Switzerland, effectively invented the World Wide Web (www)


Digital Marketing in Africa: an exclusive interview with Mike Berry

Mike Berry gave this interview ahead of his visit to Lagos, Nigeria to speak at the Conference: “Digital Marketing Conference 2.0; Deploying Digital Marketing for Competitive Advantage”


The State Of Digital Marketing in 2013. And what’s next…

Mike Berry gave this interview ahead of his visit to Baku in Azerbaijan. 1) Different nations mean different cultures, different habits and sales


The Death Of Print: rumours much exaggerated?

“May you live in interesting times” is something of a cliché, often referred to as 'The Chinese Curse' and generally agreed to be apocryphal (whatever that means). Whoever first


Online display: clicks are nice but response is essential

Why is Online Display Advertising so named? After Offline Display Advertising of course. But why was that so named? To distinguish it from Classified. We’re talking about the