A Global Digital Powerhouse

The recent Mary Meeker (KPCB) report began, surprisingly for many, with the news that overall internet growth in 2015 was flat. And that global smartphone unit shipments were slowing dramatically. Growth is, of course, still growth but, after years of astronomical percentage increases, ‘The Queen of the Internet’ at last reported that things are plateauing. With one very important exception: India.


India will have more than 500 million web users by 2017: Google

According to a Google report (February 2016), India will have over 500 million web users by 2017 of which 80% will be via mobile devices. India has […]

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Digital Marketing Training: learning from others’ successes (and failures)

(This Post first appeared on the CAM Foundation Blog – http://digitalqualifications.blogspot.com)

There are times when one needs to be sure one is dealing with skilled, thoroughly-trained professionals.

A very senior and experienced Marketing Director said to me the other day: “You know Mike, the single biggest thing holding back Digital right now is the shortage of experienced, knowledgeable people who really know what they’re doing […]

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