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Digital Marketing in Africa: an exclusive interview with Mike Berry

Mike Berry gave this interview ahead of his visit to Lagos, Nigeria to speak at the Conference: “Digital Marketing Conference 2.0; Deploying Digital Marketing for Competitive Advantage” Q. So what is Digital Marketing and why now? Digital Marketing is more »

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Email Marketing: still going strong in the 21st Century

I recently chaired the panel on "Mobile email" at TFM&A (Technology for Marketing and Advertising) in London. The assembled experts concurred that: a) email marketing is alive


Smart(phone) marketing

Cell phone (US). Handy (Germany). Mobile phone (UK).  Mobile device? (Global). Next time you leave your house, apartment, factory, college or office, take a look at the people on

Mobile: marketing on the fourth screen

"Mr. Watson - come here - I want to see you." (A G Bell 1876)

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