Making the business case for Digital Marketing

How does one ‘sell’ digital internally?

Those of us who would describe ourselves as ‘digital specialists’ have a vested interest in evangelizing digital; we love it, we believe in it and we want to do more. However: working in real-world organisations, we need to make the business case to convince those who control the budgets which we require to implement our digital plans.  Otherwise nothing will change and the effectiveness of our marketing activity is likely to decline as consumers/ business customers switch to new platforms; as brand owners we risk ‘missing the boat’.

Let’s be clear: the reality is that ‘the internet revolution’ […]

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Digital Marketing In Sri Lanka

Mike Berry gave this interview ahead of his trip to Colombo, Sri Lanka to present a 1-Day Seminar,  ‘Marketing In The Digital Age’.


Q. Your show is about the best, effective digital campaigns. Can you generalize – what are the key success factors of digital marketing campaigns?

A. Digital has made a massive difference to marketing, particularly as regards the technical skills needed to make the most of the new communications platforms, but deep down the fundamentals are pretty much unchanged. The role of the CMO is the same as in the days of ‘Mad Men’ (the US TV Show about a 1960s US ad agency). It follows that successful digital […]

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Bumbling politicians serve up digital dog’s dinner

“The Law is an Ass” says Mr. Bumble in Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist. Yes, even here in Good Old Blighty, the oldest democracy in the world (err…sorry Iceland, Greece, Isle of Man, America, NZ +++), we sometimes get it badly wrong: the upshot being that we end up with laws that are ridiculous, unenforceable, dangerous or all of these. One such is the new UK Digital Economy Act (DEA). The Act was rushed through by the last UK […]

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How was it for you? The joy of UX

Google is planning and currently beta testing some design/ layout changes, both on the Home page and the Search Results page to include a new left-hand navigation pane. Google is known for making such changes very rarely and when it does, for researching them very painstakingly. Which raises the question: isn’t agonizing about miniscule changes in logos, column width and colours all a bit unnecessary? After all, Google has a strong brand and isn’t it the reliability of its […]

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Online display: SORRY TO INTERRUPT!

“I find those ads on the internet really annoying; I never look at them.”

Anon. (OK it was one of my teenage daughters)

As you may be aware, those strips at the bottom or up the side of your web page are called banners and ‘skyscrapers’. Increasingly, you can ‘mouse over’ them to expand them and/or click […]

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PPC: how much will you pay per click? It’s all about Quality.

If you know all about Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC) you might want to sit this post out (or better, please read and comment; this is Web 2.0 after all.)

Today’s big news in the world of tech/digital marketing is the Microsoft-Yahoo search deal, which sees Microsoft become Yahoo’s search provider while Yahoo’s sales team will sell advertising on behalf of both companies. This will, subject to regulatory approval, […]

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