Giving your visitors a GREAT™ experience

I recently spent some time observing online user experience testing for a big brand (thanks to Tobias Misera and his team from Seren for their hospitality and patient explanations). It was fascinating and eye-opening; I was reminded that, in general, anyone who’s been closely involved in designing and building a website is supremely unqualified to predict how easy it will be for its intended users to err… use. So the only sensible course of action is to find some of your typical users, let them get their […]

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How was it for you? The joy of UX

Google is planning and currently beta testing some design/ layout changes, both on the Home page and the Search Results page to include a new left-hand navigation pane. Google is known for making such changes very rarely and when it does, for researching them very painstakingly. Which raises the question: isn’t agonizing about miniscule changes in logos, column width and colours all a bit unnecessary? After all, Google has a strong brand and isn’t it the reliability of its search results that really matters?

Well, in a word, “No”. We’re talking about the User […]

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