So is B2B just B2C without the budgets and the glamour?

I remember when they called it Trade Marketing. And Industrial Marketing. And then BTB. Now it’s B2B. Whatever we call it, it’s about marketing to buyers who are buying on behalf of companies. And they’re not the same as consumers. That is to say they are still human, but in this part of their lives, they’re at work and spending their company’s money. In many cases, they are professional buyers. This changes various things: mainly they need to be seen to be getting the best value for money for the organisation i.e. selecting, briefing and managing suppliers who will deliver […]

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Email marketing: timeless classic or just horribly old-fashioned?

I recently chaired the Econsultancy Client Roundtable for email marketing specialists. Over an afternoon in London, we discussed email marketing – trends, challenges and best practice. Attendees were people who know; they do this stuff every day for major corporations and charities.

The discussion was very stimulating and wide-ranging.

The whole session was held under ‘Chatham House Rules’; so I won’t associate specific comments with individuals.

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