Seems like everyone’s talking about integration of digital platforms at the moment. However in my experience, far fewer people are actually doing it. We still have Search specialists, Social Media specialists and Mobile specialists. They’re not talking to each other enough. These silos exist both within client marketing departments and in the agency world.
But the winds of change are blowing; the big ad agencies ‘got’ digital some time ago and now they’re busy developing their high-level strategic and creative relationships into total 360 communications partnerships. The big media agencies are doing the same. These guys are investing in training, hiring digital experts and building structures to deliver truly integrated solutions, driven, of course, by their clients’ needs. One example: Search and Social Media have never been so closely tied together. SEO Press Releases, the benefits of which are still insufficiently understood, will rapidly become standard practice. Everything’s moving onto Mobile. (Facebook Deals is already causing huge disruptive waves). Offline isn’t going away either, although some spend is certainly being switched. And, as we know, all marketing communications drive searches…
In 2011, the various specialist agencies need to understand each other’s roles better and clientside marketers, however many agencies they work with, need to know enough about each marketing ‘instrument’ to conduct the entire integrated orchestra. No matter how senior and experienced you are, there’s never been a better time to learn, even (in fact especially) about something you don’t currently do.
It’s going to be an interesting year!